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Release 3.22.22

AUTHOR: CoSell development team

Personal inbox

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Previously, seller inboxes were shared among the entire team. This was helpful in giving anyone on the team a sense of the overall team activity, but it led to confusion about what intros were assigned to what reps. Overall, this was hurting more than it was helping, so we changed the inbox to just show your intro activity, not the entire team.

As a short-term solution to let team members see what other people are working on, we also added an “Inbox switcher” that lets you view another team member’s inbox. We’d welcome your feedback on whether that works well, as we’re considering other ways to give team members (and especially sales leaders) visibility into all the intro activity across a team.

Ability to re-assign intros

reassign intros.gif

Before you couldn’t change who an intro was assigned to. Now you can! While intros should normally be assigned to the right rep based on the target accounts in your Campaigns, we know that these can sometimes change over time, so now if you need to manually fix an intro assignment you can do so.

Intro template improvements

intro templates.gif

We made two big improvements on intro templates.

  • Users can now create more than one template for a given intro event (like “responding to an intro offer”).

  • Users can now refer to the contact by name in their intro templates.

Adding contact names to the templates is the last step in a series of changes we’ve made to our contacts model. Previously, when CoSellers connected with a team, all their contacts would be shared. Now we don’t share contacts until the app finds a match with a target account and the CoSeller confirms they are comfortable sharing that contact.

Since CoSellers will always have “pre-screened” the contact now, we no longer need to obfuscate the contact information.

Added search on target account lists

search on targets.gif

Teams have been creating campaigns with thousands of target accounts, and when you have that many just paging through the list is not good enough. We fixed this by adding search, so you can easily find specific target accounts in your campaign.

Flagging matches with issues

contact change.gif

Cosmo, the CoSell robot, is pretty good at finding matches where CoSellers can help their connected teams, but sometimes he makes mistakes. If there’s something off about a contact (recently changed jobs, the name is spelled wrong, etc.) you can now flag that contact and let us know. Our team will review and fix the contact record so your contacts stay correct and up to date.

Support for multiple email addresses


Sometimes your contacts have many email addresses. Now when you make an intro offer it’s easy to pick whichever email you feel is best. You can also add new email addresses if you need to.

Minor changes

There were a ton of minor changes in this release as we incorporated early feedback on our product. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions and suggestions!

  • Previously intro offers that weren’t assigned to a specific rep would be “unassigned” and notify the entire sales team. Since we added the ability to re-assign an intro, we changed this behavior so that unassigned intro offers now go to the first member on the team by default and can be reassigned as needed. In a future update, we’ll add the ability to customize who the default intro recipient is.

  • Previously the rules for matching contacts to target accounts were looser, which sometimes resulted in odd suggestions. We tightened up the matching rules to make those matches better.

  • Started tracking statistics for ongoing campaigns, in a future release, we’ll add a dashboard to display these so users can easily see how their campaign is performing.

  • Removed “objective” and “description” from Campaigns since we weren’t really using those fields.

  • Added a button to re-send email invitations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes contacts who have moved from a large company to a small company would sometimes still be displayed as working at the larger company.

  • Fixed a problem where bugs would not be automatically reported to our error tracker if they happened at the very top of the call stack. Now we see them all! 😅

  • Fixed an issue where the app didn’t realize people had loaded contacts if they imported contacts from LinkedIn instead of Google.

  • Fixed a bug where team members couldn’t log in if their team domain was malformed 😬.

  • Fixed a bug where team member names would be missing in their email invitation to join the team.

  • Fixed a lot of typos and made help text better across the app.

  • Fixed formatting issues when editing contacts on mobile.

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