CoSell development team

Release 2.15.22

AUTHOR: CoSell development team

Automate with campaigns 👏

Sales teams can now create campaigns comprised of…

  • the target account list

  • campaign name, objective, and links

  • a campaign start and end date (NEW)

  • your target contact function and seniority (NEW)

The goal here is to automate the outbound intro request process for sales teams.

"Set it and forget" and let your CoSellers offer intros to your target accounts where they have relationships.

Based on our findings, 70% of intro offers result in an intro made. That said, we've decided to focus on what's working…

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Team and CoSeller management 👍

Manage your sales team (edit profile/remove) and invite more members.

Invite CoSellers with a copy link or through the app.

A quick refresh: a CoSeller is anyone that has an invested interest in your company including:

  • Internal executives and employees

  • Investors and advisors

  • Partners and customer advocates

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Contact first & last name visibility 😲

We originally decided to hide the full identity of CoSeller contact relationships, only showing title and company.

This caused some confusion during the intro request process.

That said, we have decided to expose first and last name, LinkedIn URL, and website for each contact.

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