CoSell development team

Release 08.02.22

AUTHOR: CoSell development team

Contact list filters

Previously, our search filters were a bit unwieldy to use: in order to adjust the filters for your contact list, you'd have to toggle between the search panel and the table to see changes.

Now, we've introduced on-page filters that let you customize your search without leaving the context of your contact list.

Improved intro customization

We've taken steps to give you more control over your intros-in-progress, since things can change between the time you first reach out and when the intro actually gets made.

  • When you send out an intro offer or request, you can now cancel the intro if the other party hasn't accepted or declined yet.

  • After responding to an intro offer or request, you can now go back and change your answer if the intro hasn't been made yet.

  • The intro recipient can now edit their forwardable message up until the time the intro is made.

Minor improvements & bug fixes

  • On the team management page, you can now see whether a teammate is sharing contacts.

  • We've made recommended intros less overwhelming to review: from now on, we'll add up to 10 new match cards per day to the stack, and cap it at 50.

  • We made it quicker to clean up your contacts by removing the "confirm" step before archiving.

  • We made our form validations smarter (for example, we won't say your email address is invalid if it has a space before it ).

  • For recommended intros, we changed "I don't know this person" to say the contact name, so it's clear which of the two humans we're referring to.

  • We now send new teammates to campaigns after signing up, instead of asking them to invite people—we understand they might want to get to know CoSell a little better first!

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