The CoSell Dev Team

Orion: 3.15.21

AUTHOR: The CoSell Dev Team

From mid-Feb to mid-March we worked on the Orion iteration, which was focused on Partnerships. Here’s what’s new…

Getting Started

The Getting Started page in Cygnus had a few concepts mashed together, we significantly revised this during Orion to make a clearer list of steps with better detection of whether or not you've completed them.

Target Buyer

The first major new feature is a new "Target Buyer" attribute on Organizations. This allows an organization to define who their target buyer is.

Partners View & Partner Discovery

The partners screen was completely revamped. Before it was a very simple list of active and potential partnerships.

Now the Partners view is split into distinct tabs for potential, pending, and active partnerships.

Partner discovery is now its own tab (Potential Partners), and is the default tab in the Partner's view.

Now just shows total overlaps instead of a breakdown of overlap types

You can now "Reach Out" to potential partners to talk with them before sending a partnership request.

Invite Partner by Email

It's now possible to invite a partner by email. Enter in the email address for the partner and all the owners of the target organization will be notified of this new potential partnership. These invitations also show up in the Pending Partnerships tab.

Partner Invitation Link

For all Pending Partnerships, if the person you're trying to connect with didn't get your email, you can copy a link and share that link with them directly. The link is smart enough to figure out of the person already has a CoSell account, in which case it can redirect them to the right screen to accept the partnership, or prompt them to log in. If they don't have a CoSell Account it will prompt them to sign up.

Pending Partner Invitations

This is the meat of the new work. Partner invitations now go through a "pending" state where both sides can review the pending invitation.

The invitation sender can cancel the invitation if they changed their mind, and the receiver can accept or decline the invitation.

Invites received are shown as a badge in the sidebar and in the tab itself.

Active Partnerships

The Active Partnerships list now has its own dedicated tab.

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