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Gamma: 11.15.22

AUTHOR: CoSell development team

The new CoSell has arrived

After a lot of research and testing, we discovered that users are the most excited about warm introductions from premium connections with a vast network. So we spent the last few months, tirelessly working to simplify the CoSell experience to offering and requesting introductions between two main users; Sellers and CoSellers.

We are proud and excited to finally give you Gamma (CoSell v3), our biggest product change and release, with a simplified user experience that will make scaling referrals and winning more deals effortless.

CoSell jargon

In the CoSell world, a CoSeller is a person, such as an influencer, investor, advisor, internal exec, or friend/supporter that can offer referrals for a Seller company.

A Seller is a team (an organization or company of individuals), that can request referrals from CoSellers.

How it works

CoSellers upload their contacts, we enrich the data to pull out warm relationships.

Nov-15-2021 21-28-17.gif


Sellers see a list of target contacts, which have companies, titles, and the CoSeller connection.

Nov-15-2021 21-31-40.gif


Sellers select a contact and request an introduction from the CoSeller.

Nov-15-2021 21-34-41.gif


CoSellers select a Seller, choose a contact, and send a message to Sellers to offer an introduction.

Nov-15-2021 21-36-58.gif


Sellers and CoSellers can manage their intro offers and requests from one intuitive inbox.

Nov-15-2021 21-39-52.gif

It's a win-win for everybody!

CoSellers are excited to invite their portfolio companies so they can help them succeed.

Sellers are excited to invite their investors and advisors to see their contacts.

What's next?

Our concierges are working as fast as possible to onboard existing users to the new experience. This is also an early entry, so we're gathering as much feedback to continually improve your experience with CoSell.

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